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About me

Seeking communication and governance roles, I am a skilled professional passionate about business, culture, fashion and community. I excel in crafting compelling copy, developing marketing
strategies, creating engaging social media content, research and analytics and a proven track record in organising events. With a strong foundation in marketing and a keen eye for detail, I am eager to contribute to a dynamic role within communications.

My drive to change the fashion industry informs who I am as a creative. It means that with any work I produce I hope it will have the impact of positive change. This is reflected in the current consumer market as there is an emphasis on social responsibility and pressure for brands to speak and act on social issues.

Interned as an Editorial Assistant/ writer for Original Magazine, a Brand Development intern for The Fashion Blueprint and a Content Strategist within my university experience. I also have experience as an archivist for UEL building a digital fashion archive.

Last year I was selected for the Fashion Minority Report's Fashioning Emerging Professionals programme where I was mentored at ASOS in the Corporate Responsibility department. 

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