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Working with Heritage brand Crombie to produce a campaign and strategy to engage new consumers with the brand, whilst maintaining the brand image and core consumers. I created youtube, TikTok and Instagram strategy with content calendars, influencer marketing and how to utilise paid advertisement. Focusing on video content with the tagline Crombie Your Way. Creating a personable, humours campaign then pitched to brand CEO.


Shining a light on waste colonialism in the name of second-hand clothing. Encouraging readers to think critically about not only where their clothes are made but, also where they end up at their end of life. 

Waste colonialism cover.png

The article explores beauty equity and how a lack of access to clean/ safe beauty products reflects wider systemic health inequalities for women of colour. From Eurocentric imperial beauty standards, and dangerous ingredients to Black woman's health concerns being ignored. Published on Original Magazine.

Black Beauty and Pain cover image.png

Themes of female objectification, self-hood, style narratives and fashion with feminism.

Exploring the ways objectification culture is present in fashion advertising, with the aim of exploring if replacing it with women's selfhood is a successful business model. With an emphasis on how this affects women of colour and other marginalised women. 

dismantling the fashion industry's objectification of women and exploring ethical ways to

Brand analysis of British fashion brand Elsie and Fred including PESTLE, customer segmentation and environmental impact

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I was interviewed by the University Of East London press team regarding recent opportunities within the industry. With comments from Daniel Peters, Founder of Fashion Minority Report and Tania Phipps-Rufus, Course Leader of Fashion Culture and Business. 

UEL interview cover.png

Looking at the globalisation of fast fashion and how the fast fashion system works to produce clothes at the rate it does. Exploring how this impacts communities, and the human cost for workers within the fashion industry. From the Rana Plaza disaster in 2013 to the Shein influencer trip in 2023. Published on The Fashion Blueprint.

human cost cover landscape.png

Using Homi K Bhabha's theory of Cultural Hybridity and Du Bois' theory of Double Consciousness to investigate how we find our aspirational self within the fashion industry. Exploring fashion movements that embody Cultural Hybridity and the imagined future of the fashion industry.

cultural hybridity cover image.png

Brand report on Boohoo, looking into their 2022 collection with Kourtney Kardashian Barker that focused on sustainability. Research on their customer base, PESTAL analysis, critiques on the campaign, marketing strategy, competitor analysis and social media analysis.

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